• Packaging Design

Crisp, refreshing & semi-sweet

Our approach to the packaging design for Reece’s Cider Co. Hard Apple Cider can label is to create a simple, classy, and visually distinctive design. To achieve this, we plan to incorporate a sketch treatment that creates a unique and artisanal feel, setting it apart from other mass-produced brands.

By applying the sketch treatment to the imagery of the apple orchard or cider-making process, we can create an attractive and recognizable design that resonates with the target audience. We’ll use a muted and earthy color palette to reflect the natural and rustic look of apple orchards, which adds a touch of sophistication to the design, further appealing to the target audience’s refined taste.

In terms of typography, we’ll opt for a serif font that creates a classic and elegant look, while ensuring legibility. This font choice can reflect the brand’s personality and values, emphasizing the attention to detail and artisanal nature of the product.

Overall, our approach is to create a packaging design that reflects the brand’s values and personality, while differentiating it from other available brands.