• Brand identity

Minimal, modern and Techy…

As a fintech company, Bashtech’s logo design brief was to create a minimalistic linear logo that would represent the brand’s focus on simplicity, innovation, and reliability.
The logo design for Bashtech features a minimalistic linear approach, which is meant to convey the brand’s focus on simplicity, efficiency, and innovation. The use of green and blue color combination is often associated with technology, innovation, and growth. Together, these colors suggest that the brand is both forward-thinking and reliable.
The circular form in the logo design is meant to depict a button that initiates a revolution, symbolizing the brand’s commitment to driving change and transforming industries. The circular shape also adds a sense of movement and dynamism to the design, suggesting that the brand is always on the move and continuously pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.
Overall, the logo design for Bashtech effectively captures the brand’s values and personality, and helps to establish a strong visual identity that will be easily recognizable to customers. The minimalistic linear approach and use of green and blue color combination make the logo visually appealing and memorable, while the circular form adds a sense of motion and energy to the design.